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Diabetes Care Plan

  • 60Days


A diagnosis of Diabetes is always upsetting. But don’t worry, as Diabetes is manageable with few precautionary steps, diabetes care plan, and a positive attitude can help you lead a happy life while keeping your diabetic level under control. How I Work: -I will understand your case’s details, lifestyle, food preferences and work balance to provide appropriate and easy to follow a diabetes care plan. -This Diabetic Care Plan will help you achieve an appropriate blood sugar levels. -I would encourage a light exercise regime. We (Me & You) can work out a personalised exercise plan for your healthy lifestyle. -In many cases a good diabetic care plan and an effort from your side can help you to reverse your diabetes and get off the daily medication. -Our regular monitoring and follow up will motivate you and keep you on track towards achieving your goal. -You can easily consult a doctor via Audio or Video Call whenever you feel the need.

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